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Michael Pollack

Founder and CEO


We provide an opportunity to act as a catalyst for change and we collaborate with our clients to develop and implement sustainable growth practices.  

As a single-source solutions provider, the Traville Group not only provides strategic consultancy, but also offers ​a range of services that includes proposal development, marketing, marketing communications, website creation and maintenance, and event management.

​Our technical expertise in many high tech areas range from cybersecurity to satellite and microwave communications and we help grow startups in multiple high-tech sectors.  We have experts in all high tech areas to ensure that we provide true subject matter expertise in what we provide.

Michael Pollack photo for Satellite 2019.png
Michael Pollack


Michael Pollack is the founder and CEO of The Traville Group.  A well-respected senior executive and business leader in the space and satellite industry, Pollack has extensive high-level experience in developing and implementing growth strategies that secure new business and build on current customer relationships.


His experience includes managing direct and indirect growth strategy; leading business-development, sales, and marketing outreaches in the government and enterprise markets; and engineering. Pollack’s technical experience has been a key to his success in leading companies to grow regardless of economic challenges.

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